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As the country shut down for our mutual safety and protection from Covid 19, Jeremy’s Circle cancelled our usual Passover events. Instead, we distributed to hundreds of Jeremy’s Circle families around the country these fun-kits, with old-fashioned games to learn and enjoy while stuck at home.

These are some of the thank-yous in English that we received from Jeremy’s Circle families.

Just wanted to say thank you so much for the gifts.
My kids were so excited and happy, and it kept them entertained for many hours over the Chag.

Thank you again and wishing you a חג שמח
Warm regards

We wanted to thank you so much for the package of games that you gave us from Jeremy’s circle.
It came to our door this morning.
The kids were so excited to get a package and have been playing with the games since they arrived.
Thank you for being so thoughtful at such a crazy time for everyone!!

“Chag sameach!!
With much appreciation,

“Happy Pesach, we wanted to thank you for the Generous gift for my daughters. I was very excited to receive the gift may we know better days.”

“I wanted to thank you and your organization for the Passover present. It was fun to receive them and very heartwarming that you thought about us. Happy Passover and good health.”

“We received the present. it’s such a lovely idea. thank you very much happy holiday and lots of health.”

“Hey, thank you very much. we just received the package the kids are very happy with the games I want to wish you and your family a happy Passover. thank you very much”

“Happy Passover to you and the entire Jeremy’s Circle team I wish you happiness, wealth and health. God willing, we will meet again.”

“Hey, we just received your package. It is really cool thank you very very much it is it makes us so happy. Well done.”

“Thank you for the lovely presents for the holiday, my daughters were very happy. May you have a happy and blessed holiday and God bless you for your good deeds.”

“Thank you very much for the lovely gift for Pesach. Cool idea. It is wonderful that in these times of lock-down due to the coronavirus you think about us. Thanks to you we enjoy many hours of playing, my daughters are playing “5 stones” for the first time. The kit really helps us during these hard times of lock-down, thank you very much well done.”

“Happy Holidays. I wanted to write the thank you note on the site, but I don’t know how to do so. Anyway, thank you very much and well done.”

“Thank you very much for the nostalgic playing kit. We appreciate it very much.”

“Thank you very much for the package we received yesterday. We are very excited.”

“Thank you for the hug and attention in this challenging time period I appreciate everything that you’re doing for us my son just had his birthday today, so the timing of the package was on spot.”

“Dear Pamela. We received a lovely delivery to our house yesterday from you: a package of nostalgic games that are fun to play with at every age and at every time especially now with the Corona and the lock-down that we are. So, thank you very much the dear circle people for this lovely present it’s so beautiful and practical. God bless you for everything you do and I wish we would all know better times. Happy Passover and all the best to you and everyone.”

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