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We hope the new year is wonderful for you and your family!

In the meantime, we challenge your kids to design Rosh Hashana Greetings to share on social media!

Dance! Sing! Draw! Paint! Bring in the New Year 5782 with joy by celebrating the arts with the 2nd Annual Jeremy’s Circle Card Contest. Create a New Year greeting in the art form of your choice. Rosh Hashana is around the corner so…Y’ALLA — LET’S DO THIS!

There will be prizes for the best designs (we don’t know what they are yet — but they will be good :-)).

How does it work? Simply click this link to join the Rosh Hashana WhatsApp group and share your creation by September 5th.

Please note, we plan to post the cards on social media (unless you tell us not to) and send to our donors.

For any questions, contact Yitz by email: yitz@jeremyscircle.org

Wishing you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

The Jeremy’s Circle Team

Rosh Hashana 2021