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Sandra & Martin Coleman will be celebrating their golden wedding anniversary on May 7th.

In lieu of gifts, they are asking their friends and family to make a donation to benefit the families of Jeremy’s Circle in Israel.

To make a donation please see our donor page.

If you have any questions please contact Yitz Feigenbaum, the director of Jeremy’s Circle at yitz@jeremyscircle.org


Jeremy’s Circle creates a supportive community based on friendship and fun for the children and young teens in Israel growing up with cancer in their families or who have suffered a cancer loss.

Jeremy Coleman had three children aged 6 months to 6 years when he was diagnosed with stage 4 stomach cancer in May 2007. Jeremy’s Circle was inspired by the friends and family that embraced his kids – taking them out for hikes, sleepovers, movies and barbecues – when he was in treatment.

Another inspiration was Jeremy’s oldest child, Zoe. She told her parents that she wanted a play-date with another girl her age who had a daddy with cancer. Since no organization existed at the time that provided services for the children in families with cancer, it took several months until they found an appropriate play-date. Zoe benefited tremendously from the experience of meeting someone else in a similar situation.

Jeremy worked together with his wife Pamela and sisters Juliette and Naomi on the vision and structure of the organization that would provide support to other children similar to his own. Jeremy died on July 8th, 2008.