Home » Shavuot 2014 at Kiftzuba

Shavuot Activity in cooperation with Tishkofet / Life’s Door www.tishkofet.co.il

and supported by the JDC Israel and Susan G. Komen

When: Friday, June 6th, from 9:30 AM-1PM
Where : Kiftzuba, Kibbutz Tzuba just outside Jerusalem — getting there


What’s the plan?

9:30 — Introductory activity

10:15 — kids have free play while the parents enjoy a facilitated group discussion with Tishkofet  

11:15 — 12-17 Year olds — Self-defence session («Impact» Method)

12:30 — snacks

13:00 — back to the bus or personal transport

Transport: Bus from Ramat Gan (Kanyon Ayalon) at 8:00 via Modiin at 8:30