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Dear Friends, With your support, Jeremy's Circle has been organizing free family fun-day events for children with a parent or sibling with cancer, or who have experienced a cancer loss in their immediate family for over six years now. 2015 has started strong with a wider reach, a matching grant and more, and we wanted to update you.

Our latest fun day

On Purim we had a fabulous fun day at Park Utopia in central Israel. Our tour guides led us through an enchanting tropical rain forest growing with thousands of orchids from around the world, tropical plants, a myriad of animals and even carnivorous plants. See all the pictures here. Our volunteers were pleased to greet about forty families including six new families from Ashkelon who were in for a real treat at their first Jeremy's Circle fun-day. Our chartered bus started its day in Ashkelon and continued north to pick up additional families from the Ramat Gan area, and then it was off to the Park. This truly made this fun-day experience so accessible for our families, many of whom do not own a car or are not up to driving.

Doubling the Circle

We are pleased to announce that we have received a limited matching grant this year from the Good People Fund. Please contribute at this time and take advantage of this unique opportunity to double your donation. See our Donate Page or click the relevant button to the right. We continue to identify and welcome new families to Jeremy's Circle and expand our community. This includes networking with social workers, hospitals and even our local schools to promote awareness of our events, our community and the importance of supporting the whole family when one member is ill. I am reaching out to you, a friend and past supporter, to ask you to help Jeremy's Circle continue our important work. We have much planned for the next few months including more fun-days during the upcoming Shavuot and summer vacations and special teen programs. Please help us expand Jeremy's Circle by forwarding this update to anyone you believe may wish to join our Circle, as a member-family, a volunteer, a donor, or who is simply interested in what we do. Thank you very much! Wishing you a Happy Passover, Pamela Becker Co-Founder & Chairperson