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Mentoring Program with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel This year, Jeremy's Circle is partnering with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Israel (BBBS) to provide mentoring to Jeremy's Circle kids in the greater Tel Aviv area for now, and soon in other locations as well. BBBS has a professional approach to mentoring - once volunteers are recruited, they participate in two in-depth interviews. In addition, volunteers must provide clearance from the police showing that they have no prior record. BBBS then calls and questions the volunteer's three references. Once the volunteer completes the careful screening process, BBBS makes every effort to match volunteers with children as soon as possible, but making the right match takes time, professionalism and patience. Once a friendship has been established, BBBS staff provides regular, individual phone support and supervision as well as group training sessions in the field of mentoring. All requests for a Big Brother or Sister should be sent to and should mention Jeremy's Circle. See more here: