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Join us on the Maccabi GB community fun run as a runner or sponsor!

The race is Sunday July 5th 2020 – sign up to run here https://www.communityfunrun.org/jeremyscircle and set up your fundraising page here https://www.myisraelcharity.org/create-a-fundraising-page selecting Jeremy’s Circle.

This year for the first time ever Jeremy’s Circle will be joining the Maccabi GB Community Fun Run. 


Message from Naomi Coleman:

My big brother Jeremy grew up in the UK moving between Radlett, Surbiton and Finchley. He and I were always very close. We were 10 years apart in age and when he moved to Israel I was just 14 years old, missed him like crazy and loved visiting him and his gorgeous family every year. I loved being with him and watching my niece and nephews grow. A loving family doing all the normal things families do in Israel – picnics at the beach, park, or by the river, visiting cafes, restaurants and bars (always with food!)

Suddenly cancer struck Jeremy, I found my life interrupted in the middle of my Doctorate flying back and forwards to Israel every few weeks. When we say cancer strikes the entire family hard we mean it. It takes everything to hold it together (or fall apart) but when you have small children you can’t just stop. Jeremy noticed the care and kindness his friends showed in thinking about his children, the impact it was having on them and how to help them be out of the house and be children, despite dealing with extremely challenging circumstances.

As well as experiencing this first hand, as a Chartered Clinical Psychologist I am also professionally well aware of the devastating impact of cancer, chronic illness and bereavement on the whole family. Throughout Jeremy’s illness and beyond I have used every resource available to me to help pull me through and still it’s been a struggle. That’s why I fully endorse Jeremy’s Circle’s aims of creating a community of support. Our feedback shows that helping the children in turn benefits the adults in the family to also feel supported, through having respite, contact with other families and the ability to talk and be with others who understand.

Now more than ever we really need to raise our charity profile here in the UK. We started as just a small grassroots charity but have grown 10% each year and now support over 700 families, so we need to raise more funds than ever to continue the good work. There is a huge demand for our activities, to reach even further out to communities across the whole of Israel and expand our specialist programme for teens as well. With your help we can achieve these goals.

When you sign up to run with us, not only will you run with a fabulous team (including me!), you’ll also get lots of fundraising support as well as running and nutrition tips from a fantastic personal trainer.

Once again, you can sign up to run here https://www.communityfunrun.org/jeremyscircle and set up your fundraising page here https://www.myisraelcharity.org/create-a-fundraising-page selecting Jeremy’s Circle

For more information please contact Naomi Coleman on 07940 565 855 or naomi@jeremyscircle.org


Looking forward to hearing from you, Naomi x

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