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We are meeting this Friday, June 22nd at 12:30 to mark ten years since Jeremy died, at the Etrog area of the Yarkonim cemetery, section 5. All are welcome.

Remembering Jeremy Coleman

It is hard to believe that ten years have passed since Jeremy died (details of the azcara service tomorrow below), and the time is right to think about what we have done in his name. 10 years. 500+ families. 80+ events. Countless friendship

"Soul Mama" made a 3-minute video about the Jeremy's Circle story – we are pleased to share it with you. Even if you are not joining us this Friday, we respectfully request you support the good work we are doing in Jeremy's name – tax free donations options are also below.

Contributing to Jeremy's Circle:

Jeremy's Circle is a registered Israeli charity (#580508307).

UK donors can donate directly for Jeremy’s Circle via the main donation page of the myisrael website. Please specify in the “more information” section that the contribution is for Jeremy’s Circle. There is also a box for you to check for Gift Aid.

US donors may donate by check or online through the Good People Fund. Please specify that the contribution is for Jeremy’s Circle.

Israel donors may make a credit card donation via our page on Jgive, and will be issued a 46 aleph receipt.

Thank you.