Helping is healing

Helping is healing – for teens that have experienced loss of a parent

Hello, a new group in Ra’anana has been created as part of the Face-to-Face project to support teenagers and young adults who have experienced the loss of a parent, regardless of how or when the loss happened.

The first phase of the project is to create a group of high school aged youth (grades 10-12) who have experienced themselves before the loss of a parent, and provide them with training.   Then, each will be assigned a young boy aged elementary or intermediate, experiencing the loss now , which he will inaugurate the framework of regular meetings. The purpose of these relationships is a young aid in the grieving process and re H”htargnot his ” strengthens and providing a model for the young . supported project sponsored by the Social Services Division in Ra’anana, and supervised professional supervision .

Currently the project starts recruitment , facing two target audiences –

High school aged youth in Ra’anana, who have lost a parent in the past and will function as mentors in the project.

Primary and youths aged Ra’anana division , experienced the loss of a parent and mentors project initiation function .

We would be happy if you will take part in the first round of ” face to face ” as mentors or as members ; inquiries , questions, inquiries and registration –

Email –

Phone – 0522256875